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Ballet "The Little Prince" (Art Center Saint-Michel) 27 October 2023 at 19:00


The plan of the hall of the Hermitage Theater with the numbering of seats

The plan of the hall of the Hermitage Theater with the numbering of seats

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Ballet "The Little Prince" (Art Center Saint-Michel)

  • Ballet
  • Drama
Hermitage Theater / Main hall
Адрес: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Dvortsovaya emb., 34

Продолжительность: 02:00
Антракт: 1

Ballet "The Little Prince". Premiere. ( Art Center "Saint-Michel")

Ballet premiere!

The Little Prince, ballet in 2 acts

Music - Claude Debussy.

Choreography and libretto - Mikhail Venshchikov.

Set Designer - Varvara Yevchuk.

Planet of the Little Prince - the story of the magical mirages of our childhood. The further the acceleration of time takes us away from it, the more mysterious this beautiful world seems to us. Choreographer Mikhail Venshchikov is staging a ballet based on the philosophical parable of A. de Saint-Exupery, answering after him the eternal questions of life. Fox, Rose, Little Prince - a kind of stalkers, leading the viewer along the path of childhood memories. In this abandoned country, they will meet with lost dreams, which, like stars, twinkle for them in the boundless firmament of memory. This journey will teach the little spectator invaluable lessons of devotion, love and responsibility to those whom we have tamed.

Soloists and artists of the Saint-Michel Art Center, as well as guest soloists of St. Petersburg Theaters take part in the production.

The ballet is accompanied by live musical accompaniment. Pianist - laureate of international competitions Alexander Kashpurin.


The Little Prince - Mikhail Prisekin, laureate of all-Russian competitions

Rosa - Larisa Korsakova, laureate of international competitions

Lis - Andrey Yakhnyuk, guest soloist of the Mikhailovsky Theater

Pilot - Andro Ghukasyan

Pilot Girl - Vera Laletina

The composition of the performers is subject to change without further notice.


Scene One

Thousands of miles from Earth, the stars dance and frolic, gathering in round dances of constellations. They find it amusing to watch distant worlds, where everyone is in a hurry, striving for something, finding and losing love, drawn into the whirlpool of time. The Stars' joy is interrupted by a beautiful golden-haired boy, whom they affectionately call the Little Prince. The Prince is interested in watching life on distant planets and especially on the Earth, shimmering with turquoise light, together with the Stars. Most of all, the boy wants to know how people find their way to each other's hearts. He really wants to win the trust of the only one who lives in his heart - Rose.

Scene Two

On Earth, under the cold, alluring light of the Stars, people like to dream and hold hands. The sky seems infinitely distant to them, and only the Pilot feels free as a bird at the heights. In the sky, caught by the winds, wrapped in a cotton blanket of clouds, he forgets about everything. Somewhere below, the Pilot is waiting for the one for whom he returns to Earth every time. Together they look at the Stars, and he tells her about the twinkling caravans of constellations wandering somewhere far, far away.

Scene Three

Drawn by the stellar whirlwinds, the Little Prince wanders through the vastness of space, moving further and further away from his planet. And the more the Prince travels, the more clearly he sees that neither power nor knowledge make a person less lonely. The experience of those he meets on the road seems useless to the Prince, since none of these heroes are happy. His last hope is the Earth, where he is heading.


Scene One

Among the alluring mirages of the desert, the Pilot is looking for a way to salvation.

The Little Prince, a wanderer from a distant planet, disturbs his solitude. The Prince really wants to play with the Lamb, whom he has never seen before. In gratitude for the painted lamb, the boy tells the Pilot about friendship and loyalty, which he learned from meeting the Fox. And the Pilot unexpectedly recognizes in the Prince's story the lost memories of his own childhood. This gives him the strength not to give up.

Scene two

In the bustle of the city, the Pilot's beloved does not take her eyes off the sky, where she hopes to see the familiar silhouette of an airplane. The unknown and the fear of never seeing her beloved again plunge the girl into despair.

Scene three

The nets of sand captivity entangle the Pilot more and more. He is saved from despair by a new meeting with the Prince, who wants to learn from him about the true meaning of love. Unable to forget about Rose, the boy says goodbye to his friend, this time forever. And the Pilot, having resurrected the image of his beloved in his memory, finds the way home.

Scene four

Years have passed. Spring penetrates the window of a large room with sunlight. The Pilot returns again and again to the alluring images of the past. The long-ago meeting with the Prince and their conversation about the meaning of love, which saved him from death, seem to the Pilot the key to understanding his whole life.

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