Public offer of ticket sales for performances in Hermitage Theater -

On the provision of services for the sale of tickets to cultural and entertainment events, sports and other events.

Limited Liability Company "AVEMEDIA" publishes this Agreement, which is a public offer (hereinafter referred to as the Offer), (i.e. a proposal containing all the essential terms of the contract, from which the will of the person making the offer to enter into an agreement for specified in the terms and conditions with anyone who responds), addressed to individuals persons to enter into an agreement for the provision of services for the sale of tickets for cultural, entertainment, sports and other events. By placing an order on the website, The viewer confirms that have read all the terms and conditions of this Offer and unconditionally accepts them without any exceptions and (or) restrictions.

1. Subject of the Agreement

Providing the Viewer with services for booking, placing orders, delivery, sale of tickets for theater and concert events, in the manner and on the terms provided for in this agreement.

2. Terms and definitions

Offer - this is a public offer for the sale of tickets to cultural entertainment events (Public offer of AVEMEDIA LLC), published by email on the Internet
Agent - AVEMEDIA LLC, authorized on behalf of the Organizer events provide booking, implementation and registration services tickets to cultural, entertainment, sports and other events.
The Event organizer is a legal entity, in fact organizing the event and entrusting the Agent with based on the agreement, on its own behalf and at its own expense, provide services for booking, sale and registration of tickets.
Event - cultural and entertainment event, including theatrical performance, circus performance, concert in a hall, club or outdoor site, exhibition, film screening, festival, show, fashion show, sports competition, excursion, as well as any other event, attendance of which possible only upon presentation of a special document - Ticket.
Ticket - a document issued on a strict reporting form, certifying the Buyer’s right to attend the Event and containing all the necessary information about the Event.
Electronic ticket - an electronic document certifying the right owner to attend a specific entertainment event The organizer in a certain place at a certain time, definitely describing this right. An electronic ticket is a digital entry in the Agent database.
Ticket booking system is an automated system, intended for booking, processing and selling tickets for website
Service fee - money charged from the Viewer for booking, processing and sales services provided by the Agent Tickets. The amount of the Service fee is 10 (ten) percent of the Nominal ticket price
Nominal value of the ticket (Electronic ticket) - cost attendance of the Event, established by the Organizer for all third persons indicated on the ticket form.

3. Procedure for placing an order, paying and receiving tickets

3.1. Procedure for placing an order

3.1.1. Tickets can be ordered using one of the following methods:
  • Placing orders through the website

3.2. Payment procedure

3.2.1. To pay for the order, the Viewer can choose one of the following methods:
  • Payment by credit card through the payment gateway of PJSC Sberbank of Russia.
  • Payment in cash upon delivery.
  • Payment by bank transfer.

3.3. Procedure for obtaining tickets.

3.3.1. Receipt of the order is possible after confirmation of payment.
3.3.2. Tickets printed on strict reporting forms can be obtained by ordering delivery on the website
3.3.3. An electronic ticket is sent to the email specified when placing an order.
3.3.4. If the Viewer refuses to receive a paid order, tickets are held by the Agent until the start of the event. Cash for Unreceived tickets will not be returned.
3.3.5. Cancellation of paid but not received tickets is carried out in general procedure in accordance with section 4 of this Offer.

4. Procedure for returning purchased tickets

4.1. Tickets are refunded in accordance with approved Rules for the provision of services to the public for visiting theaters, concerts, sports and other entertainment events, as well as the Law RF dated 02/07/1992 N 2300-1 (as amended on 05/05/2014) “On the protection of rights consumers."
4.2. In accordance with Article 31 of the Law of the Russian Federation dated 02/07/1992 N 2300-1 (as amended 05.05.2014) "On the protection of consumer rights" The consumer has the right to refuse execution of a contract for the performance of work (provision of services) at any time subject to payment to the contractor for the expenses actually incurred by him, related to the fulfillment of obligations under this agreement.

4.3. Procedure for returning tickets booked through the website

4.3.1. If tickets are returned more than 10 days before the event date, The viewer is refunded the full cost of the nominal price of the ticket for deduction of expenses actually incurred by AVEMEDIA LLC. If tickets are returned less than 10 days, but no later than 5 days before the start date of the event, 50% of the ticket price is returned to the Spectator.
4.3.2. When returning tickets less than 5 days before the start date event, 30% of the ticket price is returned to the viewer.
4.3.3. If tickets are returned less than 3 days before the start date of the event, The viewer cannot be refunded for tickets, because actual costs incurred are 100% of the price indicated on ticket.
4.3.4. To receive a refund, you must write an application and send a scanned copy of it by e-mail. Refunds are made only after a scan or photo of the application is received by email. mail, and the Viewer will receive a written response stating that his application has been accepted.
4.3.5. Refunds for theater tickets manufactured at strict reporting forms and received by the Spectator in hand, it is possible only after providing the original tickets to the office.
4.3.6. Refunds for tickets purchased by bank transfer calculation is carried out only to the payer’s bank card in in accordance with the Regulation of the Bank of Russia dated December 24, 2004 266 – P “On issue of bank cards and transactions performed using payment cards.
4.4. Applications received from Spectators are subject to consideration in ten days from the date of presentation of the corresponding demand, in in accordance with Article 31 of the Law of the Russian Federation dated 02/07/1992 N 2300-1 (as amended on 05/05/2014) "On the protection of consumer rights".
4.5. Refunds for Electronic tickets are made only to the person who paid for the Electronic Tickets and who is indicated on Electronic Ticket forms.
4.6. The service fee is non-refundable as services are reservation, registration and sale of the Ticket are provided in full.

5. Special conditions for purchasing an electronic ticket

5.1. An electronic ticket can only be purchased for Events specially designated by the Agent on the website. The viewer has no right to demand issuing an Electronic ticket for Events not specified by the Agent.
5.2. The material carrier of the Electronic ticket is the form electronic ticket, which the Spectator prints out independently.
5.3. When ordering an Electronic ticket, the Viewer must independently make sure that what is specified when placing an electronic Order is correct addresses, as well as the possibility of receiving emails from the Agent (no blocking of letters from the Agent’s email address, the performance of the postal service, etc.), as well as the operation of communication channels.
5.4. The agent is not responsible for the actions (inaction) of persons providing the Viewer with services for providing electronic mail addresses, communication services, for the quality of such services, as well as for the performance such services.
5.5. To purchase an Electronic ticket, the Spectator must inform The agent provides all reliable information necessary to place an order (including including name, contact number, email address and etc.).
5.6. When issuing an Electronic ticket, the Spectator is obliged to fully check all the information contained in the Electronic Ticket, namely name of the Event, date and time, and location Events, age restrictions and personal information.
5.7. The Viewer acknowledges that he has no claims against the Agent and his employees for an incorrectly issued Electronic ticket, since he himself did not verify its correctness during registration.
5.8. For admission to Events using an Electronic ticket Organizer Events have the right to require the presentation of a printed form Electronic ticket, identity document, payment card (front side) with which payment was made for electronic ticket, mobile phone with the number specified during purchase electronic ticket. These safety measures are necessary for preventing possible fraudulent transactions with payment cards and Electronic tickets.
5.9. The viewer is solely responsible for the safety and protection of the Electronic ticket from copying. In case of copying Electronic ticket access to the Event will be open to the ticket which was presented first.

6. Cancellation, replacement and postponement of events

6.1.1. The viewer is informed that any events for which Tickets are available to the reservation system due to the Organizer's decision, may be cancelled, replaced or moved to other dates. Return funds are provided by the event organizer.
6.1.2. Decision on methods of refund, validity tickets in case of replacement/postponement of the event are accepted by the Organizer. The agent is not responsible for cancellation, replacement or rescheduling of events
6.1.3. When returning tickets for canceled events 100% of the nominal value of the returned ticket is refunded and service fee, shipping costs are non-refundable. Return carried out at the place and time established by the organizer of the event.
6.1.4. Information about cancellations, replacements and postponements of events, as well as about the procedure for returning funds to Spectators is posted on the website

7. Responsibility of the parties

7.1. All information about events provided on the website, matches the information provided organizer of the event.
7.2. The viewer accepts and agrees that he has no right to exercise resale of the Ticket (Electronic ticket), as well as carry out photocopying of the Ticket (Electronic ticket) and (or) its transfer to a third party, as well as to use the Ticket (Electronic ticket) for the purpose of advertising their goods (works, services), as well as goods (works, services) of a third faces.
7.3. Tickets purchased on contain all details provided for by the Order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation dated 12/17/08 N 257 “On approval of strict reporting forms” for forms tickets are accepted by the event organizers and give the right to attending the events indicated therein.
7.4. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of the Agreement The parties are liable in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

8. Limitation of Agent's Liability

8.1. The agent is not responsible for the actions of the event organizer, including for non-compliance with the services provided by the Organizer and expectations Spectator.
8.2. Consultations with the Agent's employees regarding the nature and The contents of the event are advisory in nature. Decision on The purchase of a ticket is made by the Spectator independently, based on information provided by the Event Organizer.
8.3. The Agent is not responsible for non-performance and/or improper fulfillment by the Organizer of its obligations to provide reliable and timely information about Events or proper and timely conduct of Events. Since purchase of a Ticket by any viewer, all rights and obligations under the Ticket arise directly between the Organizer and the Spectator.
8.4. The agent is not responsible for failures or interruptions in work software Reservation systems arising from non- reasons depending on the Agent, as well as as a result of actions and (or) inactions of third parties providing communication services, energy supply.

9. Dispute Resolution

9.1. Disputes arising during the execution of the contract under the terms of this Offers are resolved in compliance with the claims procedure. Claim submitted to the Agent in writing with documents attached, justifying the requirements. Received claim is considered by the Agent within no more than 10 (ten) calendar days, in in accordance with Art. 31 of the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights.
9.2. If it is impossible to reach an agreement, any disputes that arise will be subject to consideration in court in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
11.3. For all other issues not provided for in the Offer, the Parties are guided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

10. Use of personal data

10.1. By placing an order, the Viewer agrees to transfer his/her personal data, as well as personal data of third parties, necessary for the Agent to fulfill the Agreement. Processing of personal Buyer's data is carried out in accordance with the law Russian Federation.
10.2. The Viewer gives the Agent the right to process his personal data in connection with the provision of services stipulated by this Offer, as well as agrees with the processing of the provided data to receive advertising messages about Events for which tickets are sold Agent.
10.3. The period for using the provided personal data is indefinitely. To withdraw personal data, the Viewer must send written application to the Agent's mailing address.

11. Final provisions

11.1. This Offer comes into force from the date of its posting on the website Agent and is valid indefinitely. Provisions of this paragraph apply to additions (changes) to this Offer.
11.2. The viewer has the right to refuse the Agent's Services, and such refusal will entail the termination of all duties of the Agent to him.
11.3. The Agent has the right to terminate the Offer at any time without prior notice. notifications to the Buyer in case the latter violates the rules of the Offer.