Ballet Nutcracker (FB)

  • For Kids
  • Ballet
Hermitage Theater / Main hall
Address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Dvortsovaya emb., 34

Duration: 02:00
Intermission: 1

We draw your attention, tickets are sold for tickets at two tariffs:
1. A discount ticket is for citizens of the Russian Federation. (presentation of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation on control)
2. Full ticket - for foreign citizens.
Each guest from 0 years old must buy a ticket.
Fantastic ballet on the fairy tale of E.T.A. Hoffmann

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

St. Petersburg Ballet Festival presents the Ballet The Nutcracker. The magnificent design allows the viewer to be transferred to a beautiful fairy-tale world. The ballet The Nutcracker is filled with elements of a classic fairy tale: romance, poetry, the struggle between good and evil and, of course, love.

In the house of Stalbaum guests are going to Christmas. On Christmas Eve Drosselmeyer prepared wonderful Christmas presents for the children - winding dolls, and for his goddaughter Marie made a strange doll for cracking nuts - the Nutcracker. At night the Nutcracker comes to life and turns into a beautiful prince. In Marie the dream of the revived Nutcracker is to fight Myshin King, to go along with her on a fabulous journey, and turn into a beautiful prince with whom Marie will be danced in dance.

The ballet is accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

About the collective "St. Petersburg Ballet Festival":

In 2011, the St. Petersburg director Maxim Zhuchin created the Ballet "St. Petersburg Ballet Festival" which brought together young talented and ambitious artists from theaters in St. Petersburg. On the foreign side, the German company Ovation Events GmbH, which has been successfully operating in Europe for more than twenty years, initiated the creation of the team. The purpose of the creation of the team was the desire to acquaint fans and connoisseurs of classical ballet abroad with Russia with young stars, to help the artists to fully reveal their talent and open new names to the world. A great influence on the formation of the ballet was made by the famous choreographer Nikolai Boyarchikov. St. Petersburg Ballet Festival, conducts an active tour activity and the geography of the performances of the collective is enormous. Since the purpose of creation was foreign tour activity, the ballet is on tour 5-6 months a year. The tour of the band was a success in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Iceland, Slovakia, Croatia, Finland and Sweden. The rave reviews of the foreign press are proof of this:

“Graceful and absolute class! Applause was indescribable!” (Taunus Zeitung (Franfurt, Germany)) “Elegantly generous! As out of a picture book… The show was increasingly fabulous with every next act…”(Munchener Abendzeitung (Munich, Germany))

“St. Petersburg Festival Ballet performed the show “The Nutcracker” at the highest level.”(Herne Daily (Dortmund, Germany))

“A world-class ballet, equipped complex, brilliantly staged and technically perfect dance, beautiful to watch, a visual delight”(Soest Gazette (Germany))

"St.Petersburg Festival Ballet danced with a lightness, as if the laws of gravity would not apply to them ..."(Jeetze courier Salzwedel (Germany))

"The dance performance of" Sleeping Beauty "was perfect. St. "The St. Petersburg Festival Ballet, performing on stage, conjured up a fantasy world that was even too beautiful, to be real "(inFranken (Bayreuth, Germany))

"P.Tchaikovsky's" Swan lake "by St. Petersburg. Petersburg Festival Ballet, one of the best ballet companies in Russia, was an unforgettable experience at the Culture Center of Ludensheid "(Ludenscheid Abend Zeitung (Germany)

The artistic director of the ballet is Anton Ploome, the general director is Maxim Zhuchin.

Leading soloists of the collective: Margarita Rudina, Alexey Nasadovich - honored artists of Russia. The ballet also cooperates with the leading soloists of the theaters of St. Petersburg.



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