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Nutcracker. Premiere of classical ballet with video effects 19 February 2022 at 16:00

20 3300 - 4000 ₽

The plan of the hall of the Hermitage Theater with the numbering of seats

The plan of the hall of the Hermitage Theater with the numbering of seats

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Nutcracker. Premiere of classical ballet with video effects

  • For Kids
  • Ballet
  • Christmas
Hermitage Theater / Main hall
Адрес: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Dvortsovaya emb., 34

Продолжительность: 02:00
Антракт: 1

Nutcracker. Premiere of classical ballet with video effects

"St. Petersburg Ballet Festival" presents the performance "The Nutcracker"

Fantastic ballet based on the fairy tale by E.T.A. Hoffmann

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Fantastic music by Tchaikovsky and magical digital decorations throughout the hall of the Hermitage Theater will immerse you in a New Year's fairy tale and make you believe in miracles. It became possible to spend a winter evening with the whole family in the interiors of the Imperial Theater, to be inspired by the story of Masha and the Nutcracker and to recharge with a festive mood thanks to the modern technologies of artists and decorators.

The magnificent design allows the viewer to be transported into a wonderful fairy-tale world. The Nutcracker ballet is filled with elements of a classic fairy tale: romance, poetry, the struggle between good and evil and, of course, love.

At the Stahlbaum house, guests gather for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Drosselmeyer prepared wonderful Christmas gifts for children - clockwork dolls, and for his goddaughter Marie made a strange nutcracker doll for cracking nuts. At night, the Nutcracker comes to life and turns into a handsome prince. In Marie's dream, the revived Nutcracker will have to fight the Mouse King, go with her on a fabulous journey, and turn into a handsome prince, with whom Marie will dance in circles.

The ballet is accompanied by the Olympic Orchestra Symphony Orchestra

About the collective "St. Petersburg Ballet Festival":

In 2011, the St. Petersburg director Maxim Zhuchin created the St. Petersburg Ballet Festival, which brought together young talented and ambitious artists from St. Petersburg theaters. From the foreign side, the initiator of the creation of the team was the German company Ovation Events GmbH, which has been successfully operating in Europe for more than twenty years. The purpose of the creation of the collective was the desire to acquaint lovers and connoisseurs of classical ballet abroad with young stars, to help artists to fully reveal their talent and open new names to the world. The renowned choreographer Nikolai Boyarchikov had a tremendous influence on the formation of the ballet. St. Petersburg Ballet Festival, is actively touring and the geography of the band's performances is huge. Since the purpose of its creation was precisely foreign touring activities, the ballet is on tour 5-6 months a year. The band's tours were successfully held in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Iceland, Slovakia, Croatia, Finland and Sweden.

The rave reviews of the foreign press are proof of this:

“Graceful and absolute class! Applause was indescribable! ” ("Elegant and absolute class! The admiration was indescribable!") (Taunus Zeitung (Franfurt, Germany)) “Elegantly generous! As out of a picture book ... The show was increasingly fabulous with every next act ... " )

“St. Petersburg Festival Ballet performed the show “The Nutcracker” at the highest level. " ("The St. Petersburg Ballet Festival presented" The Nutcracker "at the highest level") (Herne Daily (Dortmund, Germany))

“A world-class ballet, equipped complex, brilliantly staged and technically perfect dance, beautiful to watch, a visual delight” ( Soest Gazette (Germany))

"St. Petersburg Festival Ballet danced with a lightness, as if the laws of gravity would not apply to them ..." (Germany))

“The dance performance of“ Sleeping Beauty ”was perfect. St. Petersburg Festival Ballet conjured up a fairytale world on stage, almost too good to be true " to be real ”(inFranken (Bayreuth, Germany))

“P. Tchaikovsky’s“ Swan lake ”by St. Petersburg Festival Ballet, one of the best ballet companies in Russia, was an unforgettable experience at the Culture Center of Ludensheid. ” for the Cultural Center Lüdenscheid ") (Ludenscheid Abend Zeitung (Germany)

The artistic director of the ballet is Dmitry Rudachenko, the general director is Maxim Zhuchin.

Leading soloists of the theater: laureates of international competitions - Elena Kotsyubira, Ekaterina Volkova, Stanislav Arsenyev and Yuri Mirov.