Christmas Eve on the Moika. Christmas songs in the Hermitage

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Address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Dvortsovaya emb., 34


What is needed for a miracle? Sheep casing, pinch today, a grain yesterday, and to handful tomorrow add a piece of space and sky piece to the eye. And the miracle will happen. Zane miracles, to the land of the store, store the address, so to get to the end, that even in the desert are a tenant. And if you leave the house - turn on a goodbye star in four candles so that it lights up the world without things, looking at you at all times.

Tickets are sold at the box office of the city.

Ticket price: 10000₽

All funds collected from ticket sales will be transferred to the Children-Butterflies Charitable Foundation.

Christmas Songs at the Hermitage The performance of Ksenia Rappoport on poems of Joseph Brodsky, Boris Pasternak. Director Ruslan Kudashov. State Hermitage Hotel "Kempinski Moika 22" Dear friends and colleagues! On December 15, 2018, we invite you to the Hermitage Theater for the annual charity Christmas Eve. This year we decided to stage a performance for adults and recall the tradition of Christmas stories, which were created specifically to read them on winter evenings between the feast of the Nativity of Christ and the feast of the Epiphany. All the major Russian writers from Anton Chekhov and Nikolai Leskov, to Leonid Andreev and Maxim Gorky, wrote such stories for children and for adults, and the center of the plot in them was always a miracle, even if it happened not in reality, but in the soul of the hero for quite realistic reasons . In order for the miracle to happen, you need so little, and during the Christmas days everyone is waiting for him. In the play “Christmas Songs”, which the main director of the Bolshoi Kukol Theater Ruslan Kudashov put in the Hermitage Theater, especially for our Christmas Eve Kempinski Moika 22, is played by Ksenia Rappoport. Poems of Joseph Brodsky, Boris Pasternak. After the performance, all guests are invited to the ADULT NEW YEAR COCKTAIL at the Kempinski Hotel Moika 22. Christmas table and champagne, dancing and Christmas mood are waiting for everyone who will spend with us our charitable Christmas Eve. 19:00 - performance “CHRISTMAS SONGS IN THE HERMITAGE” in the Hermitage Theater. 20:30 - Festive Cocktail at the Kempinski Hotel Moika 22.


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