Opera "Cherevichki"

  • Drama
  • Opera
Hermitage Theater / Main hall
Address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Dvortsovaya emb., 34

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P.I. Tchaikovsky's "Cherevichki" is a story beloved by many about the blacksmith Vakula, the beautiful Oksana, the "incomparable" Solokha and other characters in the story by N.V. Gogol "The Night Before Christmas".

The musical work was created by P.I. Tchaikovsky in 1885 and became the second edition of the opera The Blacksmith Vakula in 1874, written to the libretto by Ya.P. Polonsky. The premiere of the opera The Blacksmith Vakula took place on November 24 (December 6), 1876 at the Mariinsky Theatre. The audience warmly accepted the composer's new work, but P.I. Tchaikovsky wrote the second edition of the opera, calling it Cherevichki, in 1885. It was supplemented with new scenes, the musical characteristics of the characters became more developed. The premiere took place at the Moscow Bolshoi Theater on January 19 (January 31), 1887. Cherevichki is one of the few operas by P.I. Tchaikovsky, where a large place is given to everyday scenes, and the main characters are ordinary people from the people. The music of the work is saturated with song intonations and rhythms of folk dances, often causing direct direct associations with certain examples of folk art.

In the performance, director Yuri Alexandrov, together with artist Vyacheslav Okunev, create a fantastic fairy tale. The design of the performance uses the motifs of the works of Carl Faberge, as well as modern technologies: 3D projection and video art.

“We are glad that this work was staged in the 35th anniversary season. Today in our lives there are not many fairy tales with a happy ending. We are created to give people joy. Tchaikovsky's music is a scattering of pearls and precious gems. Artists perform their parts with pleasure - and it shows. The emotions that this music evokes are super-positive,” said Yuri Alexandrov.

Spectators are waiting for a bright spectacle filled with the color of Little Russia, the pompous beauty of the capital of the Russian Empire and, of course, the atmosphere of magic.

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