Summer serenades. Art show

  • Concert
  • Classical music
Hermitage Theater / Main hall
Address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Dvortsovaya emb., 34

Duration: 01:30
Intermission: 1

Summer evenings are the time for light, graceful music and casual melodies. All composers tried to glorify this time of year, but nothing reflects it better than playful serenades, especially when they sound in the enchanting city on the Neva, the capital of romance!

Fantastic flowers performed by Olga Kaurova will bloom on the walls of the Hermitage Theater. Ebru's water painting technique will replace the afternoon heat with freshness and coolness of images, and the charm of classical music will plunge you into serenity.

Evening program:

1 branch

W. Mozart "Little Night Serenade"

A. Dvorak "Serenade for Strings"

2 branch

E. Elgar "Serenade for String Orchestra"

P. Tchaikovsky "Serenade for string orchestra"

Chamber Orchestra Olympic Orchestra

Conductor - Dmitry Nozdrachev

Each guest from 0 years old must buy a ticket.



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