Gala concert "Three centuries of Russian ballet"

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Gala concert "Three centuries of Russian ballet" in the Hermitage Theater. Ballet evening with the participation of ballet stars of the Mikhailovsky Theater - Irina Perrin and Marat Shemiunov.

"Pas de Katr" - one-act ballet.

Translated from the French - "Dance of the Four", but for a modest term lurks almost 200 years of history of this choreographic masterpiece. The ballet was born in 1845 in London, and immediately received a huge success. In the middle of the 20th century, the ballet survived its recovery thanks to the version of the famous Russian ballet master Anton Dolin.

Music: Caesar Puni

Choreography: Jules Perrot edited by Anton Dolin

"Bolero" - one-act ballet, after the name of the popular Spanish dance. The symphonic work of French composer Maurice Ravel, originally conceived as music for a ballet performance of the great Russian ballerina and cultural figure - Ida Rubinstein.

The composer himself wrote: “In 1928, at the request of Mrs. Rubinstein, I composed Bolero for orchestra. It is a dance at a very moderate pace, completely unchanged both melodically, harmonically and rhythmically, and the rhythm is continuously beating off the drum. The only element of diversity is introduced by the orchestral crescendo. ”

Music: Maurice Ravel

Choreography: Maxim Sevagin

Adagio Freedom from the ballet "The Flame of Paris". The triumphal PA with the French flag was the starting point for the original pathetic version of the ballet dancers.

Music: Boris Asafiev

Choreography: Vasily Vainonen

Gavotte from the ballet "Flame of Paris".

Music: Jean-Baptiste Lully

Choreography: Vasily Vainonen

Divertimento from the ballet "Parade" in the choreographic version of the performers I. Perren, M. Shemiunova and ballet soloists.

The ballet “Parade” - the sparkling masterpiece of the Dygilev enterprise, became the progenitor of all modern ballet and the first mention of the style of surrealism. The star composition of the creators speaks for itself:

Idea: Jean Cocteau

Artist: Pablo Picasso

Music: Eric Satie

Choreography: Leonid Myasin

Final PA of all the participants of the concert.

Performers: Irina Perrin, Marat Shemiunov, Oksana Bondareva, Irina Kosheleva, Anastasia Lomachenkova, Adrian Mitchel, Sergey Strelkov, Anna Kuligina, Alla Matveeva, Pavel Maslennikov, Alexandra Urakova, Akib Anvar, Amira Anwar and other ballet dancers


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