Ballet "Christmas Story"

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Address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Dvortsovaya emb., 34



Tickets are sold in the city's box office

Ticket price: 5000₽

“Christmas Story” on the stage of the Hermitage Theater, in the framework of the project “Hermitage Evenings of the Mikhailovsky Theater”.

Ballet in 2 acts based on the tale of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol in Prose: a Ghostly Tale of Christmas”.

The first full-length ballet by Ivan Vasilyev is based on the tale of Charles Dickens. On Christmas Eve Mr. Scrooge is visited by the three spirits of Christmas. They show the lonely and greedy old man his past, present and future. Scrooge understands that by exchanging the love and warmth of human communication for money, he made his life senseless. But on the magical holiday of Christmas, everything is possible, and the miser gets a chance to correct his mistakes.

The musical basis of the play was the plays from the “Children's Album” and the cycle “The Seasons” by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, as well as fragments of his symphonies.

Premiere: December 31, 2016

Theater: Mikhailovsky Theater

Choreography: Ivan Vasiliev

Music: PI Chaikovsky

Scenography and costumes: Alexandra Leonidova

Performers: Ivan Vasilyev and artists of the Mikhailovsky Theater


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