Festive concert "To the music of Vivaldi"

  • Concert
Hermitage Theater / Main hall
Address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Dvortsovaya emb., 34

Duration: 01:10
Intermission: 1

Tickets are sold in the city's box office

Ticket price: 2000₽

During the COVID19 epidemic, the number of tickets sold has been reduced. We kindly ask spectators to follow the instructions of Rospotrebnadzor: it is necessary to wear masks or respirators in the theater premises, as well as observe social distance in the hall, foyer and cloakroom. All necessary preventive measures are taken in the theater.

On the most romantic day of the year - Valentine's Day - the Hermitage Theater, built for the imperial family and selected palace nobility, will open its doors for you!

The program of the festive concert includes the brightest, favorite and most memorable opuses by Antonio Vivaldi, the Italian genius of the violin. Yes, yes, and "The Seasons" will be sure!

Why do we love Vivaldi? He is a special composer. His music speaks. She is alive, figurative. “Winter” freezes to the shivers. It seems that the heavens are about to open up from “Thunderstorms” and a downpour will pour in ... The excellent acoustics of the hall and the high skill of the performers will immerse you in the high spirits of Vivaldi's images.

The Youth Chamber Orchestra (conductor - Honored Artist of Russia Arkady Shteinlukht) is playing for you this evening.

Attention! We care about the health of our guests! All participants are requested to wear masks and gloves and maintain social distance.

The duration of the concert is 70 minutes without intermission; the concert is intended for all categories of spectators over 6 and under 65 years old.


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