Ballet Sleeping Beauty (RB)

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The ballet Sleeping Beauty is represented by the troupe of the St. Petersburg Russian Ballet Theater.
Ballet extravaganza in 2 acts, 2 scenes with Prologue and Apotheosis

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Marius Petipa
Ivan Vsevolozhsky, Marius Petipa (based on the tales of Charles Perrault)

The ballet Sleeping Beauty became the crown of the creation of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Marius Petipa. They managed to create a real poem about the struggle between Good (Fairy of Lilac) and Evil (Fairy of Carabos), about the all-conquering power of Love (Princess Aurora and Prince Desiree).

Even those who have never seen this ballet on stage know that it is something beautiful and magnificent.

The premiere of the ballet Sleeping Beauty at the Hermitage Theater took place in 2009. The performance turned out to be a bright, real holiday for the viewer. Each viewer remembered him as a grand magical extravaganza, of which he became a part.

About the troupe "St. Petersburg Russian Ballet Theater":

In the repertoire of the Theater "Russian Ballet" this play occupies an important place, the fairy tale story of the princess-swan Odette and Prince Siegfried does not leave any spectator indifferent.

The original choreography is carefully preserved. The immortal music of Tchaikovsky, the colorful scenery and costumes, the brilliant dance of the ballet troupe - all this attracts the attention of the public and provides a full house.

On stage - the artists of the theater "Russian Ballet". The theater was created in 1990 by soloists of the Mariinsky Theater, which belong to the dynasty of ballet artists, which has been in existence for more than 100 years. More than seventy world tours, more than 4,000 ballets performed for 23 years of the troupe's existence, about a million enthusiastic spectators who attended performances are all records in the world of theatrical art belonging to the St. Petersburg Theater "Russian Ballet". The basis of the popularity and relevance of the theater is the preservation of the original choreography of classical ballets, the professionalism of the company, the highest level of performance, colorful scenery and magnificent costumes.



The king and queen celebrate the birthday of their daughter, Princess Aurora. At the festival, a fairy Lilac appears with her retinue. Fairies of Tenderness, Playfulness, Generosity, Courage and Carefree flock together. Each brings a newborn a gift.

Frightened courtiers talk about the approach of a terrible guest - the evil fairy Carabos, whom Catalabyut forgot to invite.

Carabos appears in the hall. She is angry. How dare you forget about her? Carabos predicts that the princess will die by pricking with a knitting needle.

The Lilac Fairy removes Carabos from the cradle of Aurora and promises her protection. To avoid the misfortune foretold by the evil sorceress, the king issues a decree prohibiting, under pain of death, the use of knitting needles in his kingdom.


The first picture.

Princess Aurora is sixteen years old. From all sides, noble guests and grooms come to congratulate her on adulthood.

Aurora appears. She is represented by grooms. She is sweet with everyone, dancing with each of them, but does not give preference to anyone.

An old woman with a bouquet of roses approaches the princess. Aurora takes them and spins in a waltz. Suddenly, pricking her finger, the princess loses her strength and falls. A sharp needle was hidden in the flowers. The old woman turns into an evil fairy Carabos. She is triumphant. Having drawn their swords, the grooms rush at her, but the sorceress disappears.

The Lilac Fairy, the patroness of Aurora, cannot destroy the evil spell of Carabos, but in her power to soften them. Aurora did not die: it is not death, but a dream, and the sweep of a magic wand plunges the whole kingdom into an age-old dream. The park is overgrown with lilac bushes. In their thicker castle often hides.

The second picture.

A hundred years have passed. In the forest, Prince Desiree hunts with his friends and associates. When he is left alone, a lilac fairy appears in front of him. She evokes the image of Aurora. The enchanted prince rushes to her, but Aurora disappears. The prince longs to see her again.

Together with the fairy Lilac Desire goes to the castle, immersed in a dream. They are surrounded by a silent forest. Through the dense thickets the towers of the royal palace are visible. Fairy and prince are on target.

In the overgrown park fairy Carabos and her servants. They block the way for anyone who intends to enter the sleeping kingdom. Suddenly, they hear sounds foreshadowing the approach of the Lilac Fairy. Before her power, Carabos is powerless.

Desiree reached the walls of the royal castle. He finds a sleeping princess. Desiree awakens a sleeping beauty with a kiss. Together with her, the whole kingdom wakes up. Conquered by the beauty and charm of Aurora, Desiree asks the king and queen for the hands of the princess.


The magnificent wedding of Desiree and Aurora.

Among the many guests are characters from fairy tales. Here is Princess Florina and the Blue Bird, Puss in Boots and White Kitty, Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. Cinderella runs and loses her shoe. She is raised by Prince Fortune.

Aurora and Desiree came to congratulate the fairies of Diamonds, Sapphires, Gold, Silver.

Happy newlyweds are dancing - Aurora and Desiree.


Universal glee. The Lilac Fairy arises - the personification of all-conquering and triumphant good.



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