Terem Quartet. On the other side

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Address: Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Dvortsovaya emb., 34


Without intermission

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Terem Quartet and Olympic symphony orchestra present the program "On the other side"

Conductor Alexander Golikov

I - department

1. Masquerade ball (F. Pulenk, arr. E. Petrova)

2. Gavotte (S. Prokofiev, arr. E. Petrova) 4.11

3. The Stranger (Yu. Falik, arr. E. Petrova) 2.03

4. Slaughter at Kerzhenets, musical picture (N. Rimsky Korsakov, arr. Terem-quartet and E. Petrov) 5.00

5. The Little Prince, a fantasy on the theme of the song of M. Tariverdiev (Terem Quartet) 5.00

6. La Serenata, a musical tournament for two double basses (E. Petrov) 5.05

7. Time to collect stones (E. Petrov, the idea of ​​the work - Terem-Quartet) 5.00

  II - department

  1. El Aeroplano, Creole Waltz (P. Datta, arr. Terem Quartet) 4.48

2. Sonar y nada mas (F. Canaro, arr. E. Petrova) 3.44

3. Aria from Brazilian Bahiana No. 5 (V. Lobos, arr. Terem-quartet, orchestra E. Petrova)

4. Waltz from the film “Watch Out for the Car” (A. Petrov, arr. E. Petrova) 3.45

5. A walk with Fellini (N. Rota-V. Ivanov, arr. Terem-quartet, orchestra E. Petrova) 6.00

7. Libertango (A. Piazzolla, introduction by H. Bosso) 4.56

8. Two characteristic dances (Terem-quartet, orchestra. E. Petrova) 5.30

9. bis. Steppe and steppe around (bp, arr. E. Petrova) 5.11


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